Addition with New Kitchen and First Floor Full Bath

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Scope of Work

Prior to Work

Obtain building permit, permission from zoning, plumbing and electrical permits with Baker Contracting as contractor, JBW Architecture PLLC as architect.  We will schedule all inspections.  All work to be approved by architect, homeowner, and building department as the various phases of the project are completed.


Remove rear kitchen wall of house for addition pass through.  Removal of rear porch wall, coverings and roof per plan.  Removal of porch roof per plan and shingle to rear dormer.  Removal of siding on house to obtain sufficient blending of cedar shakes,  Remove basement exterior wall section per plan.  Complete gut of plaster, lath, fixtures on ceiling, and walls in kitchen/bathroom area.  Removal of plumbing in kitchen and bath.  Removal of electrical devices, fixtures, outlets, switches per code and drawings.  Remove entire tile floor, tile subfloor, and hardwood floor in future tiled areas to subfloor per plan.  Remove all displaced dirt from excavation, masonry debris, demolition debris, and construction debris from site.  Penetrations and openings in basement and living/dining rooms to be sealed per owners scope of work.  Japanese Maple tree to be removed and saved.  All demolition to reflect owners scope of work as well.


Excavate foundation per plan.  Form and pour footing and 8” block walls.  Supply and install 12” x 18” split faced block per plan.  Block samples to be provided to owner/architect for approval.  All stone drainage to be done per plan.  Slab per plan.  Waterproofing per plan.  Backfill and grade to match existing backyard grading.  Excavation to be done with rubber treaded excavator not to exceed 8500 lbs to minimize damage to driveway.  All concrete to be pumped from street so driveway will not be damaged by concrete trucks.  Dirt to be hauled off site with dump trailer not truck to minimize damage to driveway.  Footing inspection, foundation wall inspection and backfill inspection to be performed by building department and Baker Contracting at each phase of foundation construction.


Framing to be done per plan.  All framing done per plans by JBW Architecture LLC and done per local building code.


All electrical work was done per code by licensed electrical contractor, Robert Keough, and inspected prior to closing of walls and upon completion.


Plumbing permit to be obtained and rough-in inspection and trim-out inspection by Building Department and Baker Contracting to be done.


Windows are high quality wood/clad double hung.  Glass is insulated with argon gas and Low-E.  Windows come with a full screen.  Door is fiberglass with insulated glass and simulated divided light grilles.


Roofing consists of ice and water barrier throughout.  White aluminum drip edge, galvanized snow slide panels along all hipped edges and fascia edges, and 30 year Architectural shingles to bottom of second floor window dormer.  Color matches original.


Exterior walls are spray foam in the 2 x 4 stud cavities to achieve an R-21 rating.   Soffit venting continuous.  All electrical, pipe, and miscellaneous penetrations to be spray foamed.  Spray foam around all window/door jambs throughout.


Drywall in kitchen area to be ½” standard drywall with 3 coats joint compound sanded smooth for paint and metal corner bead.  Drywall in bathroom to be ½” moisture resistant green board with 3 coats joint compound sanded smooth for paint.

Exterior Siding and Carpentry

Siding consists of Cedar shakes with spacing, texture to match original per plan over Tyvek vapor barrier.  Shakes were hand nailed with 1 ¾” galvanized cedar shake nails.  All trimwork for windows and doors was done per plan in cedar.    Beadboard in screened porch is clear pine ½” x 3 ½” with 1 ¾” bead to match original profile.

Interior Trim/Carpentry

Interior trim/carpentry package consists of the following: 1 x 4 side window trim and side trim on door in clear pine with ½” round over detail to match house.  1 x 6 head trim on windows and doors with ½” x 1” bead at bottom and crown detail at top to match house. 1 x 6 baseboard with ½” round over detail to match house. Re-hang doors, supply jambs, etc per scope and spec and drawings for closet, bathroom.  Window sills consist of 5/4” sill with rounded edge to match existing and apron to match existing.  All nail holes are filled and seams, wall transitions caulked.  Installation of all cabinetry, hardware, and plumbing fixtures was done after countertop install. Install dishwasher and all appliances.

Tile Flooring

Tile floor will consists of homeowner chosen and supplied tile installed by Baker Contracting who supplied necessary installation materials.